Dr Avril Siung-Chang

Marine Biologist

Dr. Avril Mayling Siung-Chang is among Trinidad and Tobago’s first female Marine Biologists. She is a pioneering scientist in this field and also in environmental research in general. Currently she is an Environmental Health Advisor with PAHO/WHO and a National Professional representative of Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr. Siung-Chang spearheaded research at the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) on Marine Environment Quality and the water quality of our bathing beaches for approximately 20 years. She also conducted early research on Mangrove Oysters in Jamaica. She pioneered beach litter surveys in the Caribbean.

She has made an invaluable contribution to the development of the country’s scientific capacity by nurturing a whole generation of Scientists and Technologists at the IMA in Marine Biology and Environmental research. They now form the backbone of the environmental management staff at many local companies and the Environmental Management Authority (EMA).

In recognition of her expertise in her field, the Government of Trinidad and Tobago sought her advice on the establishment of the EMA and for many years she served as a member of the National Oil Spill Contingency Planning Committee and the Bilateral Oil Spill Contingency Planning Committee involving Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela. Dr. Siung-Chang is also a founding member of the Trinidad and Tobago Scientific Association. She has over 20 publications in Scientific journals and other technical reports.

Dr. Siung-Chang has demonstrated time and again her commitment to the development of Marine Biology and the Environment of Trinidad and Tobago, and we are round to present her as one Of Our Own.


tel: 1 (868) 622-7880     e-mail: scitechknofest@niherst.gov.tt