101 Inventions

Certain turning points in humankind's history have been defined by the creation or discovery of something profound. From stone tools to the birth of the Internet, driven by necessity and accident we have shaped our own destiny through invention.

These inventions act as historical punctuation points in our story that explores not only the inventions themselves, but also suggests the reasoning behind their development and their consequent effect humankind.

Take a virtal tour of the new and unique immersive exhibit which featured at Sci-TechKnoFest 2013!

The festival showcased local creativity and scientific ingenuity in an effort to promote confidence and pride in our own creative abilities, and empower more of our people to engage in invention and innovation.

Since 1990, NIHERST has embarked upon a number of activities and programmes in informal science education in order to fulfil its mandate in science popularization. These programmes are executed through the NIHERST/NGC National Science Centre, which was formally established in 1997. The mission of the Centre is to promote understanding and appreciation of the relevance of science and technology in everyday life and to foster a culture of creativity and innovation.

NIHERST has developed a number of fun, innovative programmes to fulfil its science popularization mandate, the most prominent of which is Sci-TechKnoFest. Held biennially, this grand science festival utilizes entertaining and thought-provoking methods to educate the public on selected aspects of science and technology based on a chosen theme.

Sci-TechKnoFest 2013 was held 1st – 20th October 2013 on the theme of Innovation and Invention.